Shipping & Logistics

Industrial Shipping and Logistics

Since 2001, with Industrial Shipping & Logistics services we have given our customers the peace of mind and confidence in their shipments and that we will arrive on time, safely and within their cargo specifications.

During the year we have created strategic alliances with the most prestigious companies for the interior, air and maritime transport in the United States and Latin America. We are located in Miami, Florida, near the international airport (MIA) and a few minutes from the main seaports of the United States for the Caribbean, Central America and Latin America.

We know and handle the shipment of industrial equipment, along with the experience in the regulation and fulfillment of the import / export to Latin America, and the Caribbean as well as managing complicated foreign exchange schemes and fiscal matters. A challenge!

Today, Industrial Shipping & Logistics is headquartered in Florida and is part of the FACTRONICS group that includes offices in Venezuela, Miami and Trinidad and Tobago, with a dedicated team of 50 people, and continues to offer world-class service to all of our customers through of all its companies and operations.

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