Industrial and Automotive Chemicals

The SQ brand has a line of industrial and automotive chemicals that offered excellent quality at affordable prices.

Janitorial Products

Floor Finish

Floor Finish, Standard Version, Ultra Low Odor, Wooden floor Finisher. The SQ Standard Floor Finish is ideal for practically every type of floor. It can be purchased as both a concentrate (at 36% solids) or a ready-to-use product (at 18% solids)


Glass and Hard Surface Cleaners, High Traffic Carpet Cleaner and Floor Restorer. Products that clean any hard surface, providing a streak-free finish. Ideal for windows, mirrors, glass, crystals, appliances and many more.

Leather Products

For every problem there’s a solution. The SQ Leather Conditioner is the solution for dry, cracking leather items that risk been discarded. Or the SQ Leather Protectant combines polymers, waxes and soaps in a blend that cleans any type of leather surface and leaves an invisible, non-sticky, non-slippery coating.

Outstainding Removers

The most convenient solution to a recurrent problem. Products ideal for cleaning upholstery, carpets or curtains, the uses of this product have no boundaries.

Industrial Products

5 in 1 Multipurpose Oil

Available both as an aerosol or a drip-bottle! A mixed of highly refined paraffinic and naphthenic oils

Aluminum Brightener and Surface Rust Remover

Shines metals, removes surface rust, and cleans oily floors. The SQ Aluminum Brightener and Surface Rust Remover is an acid cleaner that does it all.

Concentrated Degreaser

We sell our degreaser as a concentrate; you just add the water you need for the intended purpose. It is amazing how many cleaning tasks you accomplish easily with this product.

Mechanic's Aid 17-6 Penetrant Oil

This highly penetrant oil works on nuts, bolts, corroded pipe threads, clams, locks, latches, frozen mechanisms, and much more. Ideal for industrial, automotive, marine, and agricultural operations.


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