MarkinBOX - Marking Solutions

MarkinBOX offers a small flexible compact portable electric marker that is built to last, model MB3315 has been well received as a sensible solution for fast and accurate product and tag marking. The concept of developing an "all-electric" dot pin marker which allows for controlling both force and speed within the software was unique to industry.

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The MarkinBOX series now includes the models MB8020 and MB1010 of which both are available with the BSD, Big Solenoid Option for deeper marking applications. While initial designs were for Portable units, the MarkinBOX units can easily adapt to Benchtop Stands and be integrated into automated marking applications. Software upgrades continue to be released which enhance the performance of the MarkinBOX product line. Product innovation came in 2014 with the release of MB3315S incorporating a shutter kit to keep contaminants out which has provided increased durability of the product.