TrekTag® NFC Trial Pack (10 Units)


Scan the TrekTag® using your android device. Get an instant report on your smartphone. Upload to the cloud to access from anywhere.


Are you covered?

Perishable goods can spoil a supply or distribution channel. For over 60 years, Graphic Controls has provided solutions to record and interpret temperatures, serving industries such as food and beverage, floral and pharmaceuticals.

TrekTag® NFC Temperature Data Logger is designed to bring reliability and peace of mind to the customer who requires temperature data they can use focus on their brand, their customers and their bottom line.

We’ve paired TrekTag® NFC with an easy-to-use smartphone application and a convenient cloud platform. This package provides a complete temperature data logging solution.

How it works


Simple Activation:

  1. Download the app from the Google Play store on your android device
  2. Select from a preset profile or customize
  3. Set up recording interval
  4. Add shipment notes

Cloud Storage:

  • Easily accessible platform for data management
  • Unique ID number allows for traceability through supply & distribution chain
  • Customie user profiles to allow and/or restrict access
  • Track scanned updates via programmable alerts

Strong Battery Life:

  • Printed battery technology gives long life without the bulkiness of a traditional battery.

Food Grade Adhesive:

  • Allows the shipper to accach to the shipping container without the worry of seperation in transit.


  • Activate/Read/Share shipment data from anywhere leveraging your current mobile device network
  • No P.C., Wi-Fi, proprietary scanner or USB docking station needed


  • Eliminates the need to return physical equipment
  • Does not contain any heavy metals


Temperature Accuracy Temperature Range
+/-0.5C Typical; +/-1.5C Max -20C to 65C
Temperature Recording Frequency Recording Life
Every minute 14.5 Hours
Every 5 minutes 2 Days & 19 Hours
Every 15 minutes 8 Days & 7 Hours
Every hour 33 Days & 7 Hours
4 times per day 200 Days


NFC-DataLogger-Sell Sheet
NFC-DataLogger-Sell Sheet Español
TrekTag Specification Specifications

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