Economy SSVf Checkweigher

The SSV-f series checkweighers are equipped with a highly versatile load cell for balance. A wide range of applications, including heavy products can be weighed on the SSV-f. Dynamic checkweighing can be performed on heavy cartons, bags and canned products. Improved productivity by SMF prevents unnecessary rejection due to double product errors. The maximum speed is 310 products/min. with an improved scale value of 0.001 g, and maximum accuracy of ±0.01 g.


Standard Features

  • Control Panel Exterior is Stainless Steel and Painted
  • Conveyor is Non-waterproof
  • Balance is Load Cell
  • Frame is Stainless Steel and Painted
  • Color LCD Touch Screen

Optional Features

  • Tower Light (with buzzer alarm)
  • Data Printer
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Line Height Change
  • Plate for Anchor
  • Remote Indicator
  • Cross Plate


Checkweighing heavy products should be completed by the versatile SSV-f series weighing systems. With improved productivity, operation support and weighing and rejecting features, the weighing process has been streamlined to ensure the exact amount of product is in each package. Rejection is down, and the yield is up with SMF with a double products error rate of 0.03%, maintaining the scale accuracy to 0.35 g. Easy-to-follow navigation is on an 8.5 inch color LCD touch screen interface to make checkweighing simple. Proven and Reliable Over 60,000 systems installed globally. Accurate With a maximum accuracy of ±0.01 grams, the SSV-f series checkweigher reduces unnecessary rejects and maximizes line productivity.