Boxer Line

High-performance Boxer Machine, with Characteristics of storing and arming the boxes, sort products in the needed quantities and insert them in the corresponding boxes. The closure may be done with hot melt glue or adhesive tape.


  • Storage Module: organizes, pulls and feeds the Assemble Module with unarmed boxes previously placed by the operator;
  • Assemble Module: responsible for folding the sides and the bottom of the boxes, delivering them to the Filling Module;
  • Filling Module: organizes, counts and stacks a quantity of packages or other goods and inserts them or vertically in the box;
  • Superior Bender Module: performs the bending of the smaller and greater flaps, applies hot melt glue and press the flaps to a better closure.

Technical Data

  • Box height: min. 150mm – max. 400mm
  • Box length: min. 330mm – max. 530mm
  • Box width: min. 165mm – max. 330mm
  • Package material: preformed corrugated cardboard
  • Pneumatic consumption: approx. 900 l/min
  • Electrical consumption: approx. 8 kW/h with hot glue closing system
  • Maximum production: 1up to 12 boxes/min
  • Electrical specifications: three-phase 220/380V – 50/60Hz
  • Packaging type: cartoon paper of good quality
  • Closing type: hot glue (hot melt) / tape
  • Maximum volumee: 20 liters per box approx

Type of Packaging


Automatic Boxer Machines Catalogue