Versatile Part-Marking Solution

The MB8020S is ergonomically designed for operator comfort and easy to incorporate into your manufacturing process. The graphic interface of the computer software is user-friendly, helping you achieve the mark you want quickly. In fact, the model can mark ten 3mm characters in as little as five seconds.

Marking Area: 80mm (x axis) X 20mm (y axis)


Marking Area X axis 4″ (100mm)
Y axis 4″ (100mm)
Marking Area Dimensions 7.9″ (W) x 8.6″ (D) x 9″ (H)
(200mm x 217.5mm x 228mm)
Marking Area Weight 9.9lbs (4.5Kg)
Marking Area Cable 6′ (2m) cable
option : 16′ (5m) cable
Marking Stand Weight 15.4lbs (7Kg)
Marking Technology Solenoid Drive

Key Features

  • Windows Based Software
    • Sketchbook software is Windows based and runs off of Windows XP, 7 and 8
  • Flexible, Easy to Use
    • Deeper marks are possible with the “Big Solenoid” and 6mm pin option
  • Wide Choice of Connectivity
    • 6 possible ways to start marking via USB, Bluetooth (PC or Android), Digital I/O, PLC or Ethernet communications
  • Fully Electric
    • Runs safely and efficiently with maximum uptime and little maintenance
  • High Quality Mark
    • Guaranteed high quality marks as small as 1 mm
  • Flexible Integration
    • Can be hand held, mounted or integrated into production
  • Available in 3 variations
    • Stand type : Standard model
    • Handy type : Portable option
    • In-line type : Can be integrated into other machines


Marking Head – MB8020S