Pentafill™ – Fill and seal machines

Pentafill™ is a brand of automatic and manual machines that fill and seal unit-dose plastic vials manufactured by LF of America. Either cosmetics or pharmaceuticals, filling your products with this technology ensures that it is packaged with the highest standards of safety and quality assurance.


  • Maximum flexibility: from small batches and start-up production to large-scale productions.
  • Manual or automatic loading options.
  • Compact machine with small footprint ideal for small spaces.
  • Quick changeover and easy maintenance
  • Different filling system for any liquid solutions: from water-like to serums, from gels to creams.
  • Suitable for pharmaceutical products and sterile filling in aseptic environments
  • Avoid contact of product with hot plastics.
  • Maximum flexibility and versatility, different plastic options and capacities from 0.3 ml to 10ml.
  • Innovative packaging. In case you want to make a product launch or even repackage a popular favorite.



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