We offer a wide range of wax, wax/resin, and resin thermal transfer printer ribbons.


FACTRONICS USA, LLC offers a wide range of wax, wax/resin, and resin thermal transfer printer ribbons. We’ve got the TTR to meet any application need. We know our customers depend on our quality products and impeccable service, so we market the world’s finest thermal transfer ribbons, backed by the industry’s fastest delivery. You have a lot of choices when it comes to TTR. That’s why we craft performance, confidence, reliability and uptime into every roll. No shortcuts. No excuses. No compromises.


From automotive and chemicals to retail and security, our thermal transfer ribbons are being used in thousands of applications all over the world. Whatever your needs, we have the right TTR for the job. Abrasion. Heat. Solvents. We can take it. Paper. Poly. Vinyl. We can print on it. Durable. Crisp. Clean. We can perform. Go ahead, challenge us with your toughest application.

Support & Resources

We’re committed to providing world-class service and support – with a responsive customer support team, sales materials, online tools and more. At FACTRONICS USA, LLC we understand that choosing the right ribbon for the right application can often be a complex process. Every ribbon application has its own distinct set of variables, each requiring special attention. Conducting business in the AIDC Industry is complicated enough. To help simplify matters, we’ve developed an extensive database of real-time information that is important to our customers when making business decisions.

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Wax:NoneMPGeneral Purpose Red 21General Purpose Blue 22General Purpose Green 23TR4085plus® Premium Resin-Enhanced

Wax/Resin:NoneUltra Durable 260MP MidGeneral Purpose 55

Resin:NoneGeneral Purpose 300Specialty Heat Resistant 3616Textile 395Blue Durable Color 510CGreen Durable Color 510CRed Durable Color 510CMatte Silver Durable Color 510CUltra-Durable 510HFDurable White 510WExtreme Durable 550High Opacity White 3370Classic 4070Durable Metallic Gold Color 301Durable Metallic Silver Color301

Near Edge:NoneHigh-Density Near Edge Wax/Resin 295HDSilver Color Near Edge Wax/Resin 295CWhite Color Near EdgeWax/ResinNear Edge Resin 390High Speed Durable N. E. Resin 396Premium Wax/Resin 4500