Industrial and Automotive Chemicals

The SQ brand has a line of industrial and automotive chemicals that offered excellent quality at affordable prices. SQ has added new and innovative solutions to its catalog to cover every day needs. Their newer products include engine cleaners, carburetor cleaners, mechanical aid, break pad cleaner and hand degreasers.


The SQ brand has a line of industrial and automotive chemicals that offered excellent quality at affordable prices. SQ has added new and innovative solutions to its catalog to cover every day needs. Their newer products include engine cleaners, carburetor cleaners, mechanical aid, break pad cleaner and hand degreasers.

Automotive Products

  1. Carburetor Cleaner:
    A powerful, non-chlorinated, cleaner of carburetors, throttle and valves. Unparalleled engine-starter. Flammable product.
    Insert extension tube in actuator, remove air filter and spray with the engine running in park or neutral. Increase engine revs while spraying. This product will clean the carburetor, throttle and choke valves. Reinstall air filter. If product is sprayed on paint, plastic or bodywork, flush with water to prevent damage.
    For PCV valves, disconnect the crankcase side of the valve, spray small amounts of product through the extension tube into the open end of the valve. Shake valve to ensure that check-valve is loose, start engine and spray again into valve to fully flush it.
  2. Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner:
    A non-flammable, VOC free degreaser that works instantly. Cleans and dries fast. Leaves no residue and removes brake fluid, grease, oil, dirt and soot from brake-linings, cylinders, springs, drums, C.V. joints, clutches, and discs.
  3. Engine Cleaner and Degreaser:
    A water-free formula that degreases engines displacing gunk, oil, soot and much more.
    A fantastic degreaser that is ideal for cars, trucks, tractors, power mowers, boats, bilges, machines, and many others. The product emulsifies when rinsed, and removes dirt, grease, oil, soot, and others. Rinsing the product with water is necessary to ensure proper cleaning and to prevent fire hazards.
    Apply only on a cool engine. To prevent any damage or short circuit, cover all electrical parts, sensors, intakes, underhood wiring, carburetor, and any additional sensitive areas. Shake well and apply generously on a dry engine, focusing on the sections with heavier deposits of dirt and grease. Rinse overspray from bodywork and other parts to prevent removal of paint and wax. Let product sit for 10-15 minutes, brush deposits that require additional help, rinse engine, from top to bottom, with a low flow of water, taking special care when rinsing around covered areas. Once product has been washed, remove all covers and reinstall disassembled parts.
  4. Non-Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner:
    Chlorine free. Quickly removes brake fluid, grease, oil, dirt, and soot from brake-linings, cylinders, springs, drums, C.V. joints, clutches, and discs. Fantastic cleaner and degreaser. It can also be used as an engine starter and carburetor cleaner. Flammable product.
  5. Tire Shine and Interior Dressing:
    Just spray it for a streak-free finish with minimal-to-no-sling and perfect coverage. Ideal for plastic, rubbers, vinyl and much more. Flammable product. Extremely slippery, do not apply on floors.
  6. Polish:
    Scratches, burned paint, bumper marks, all of those afflict our bodywork.
    A masterful blend of waxes, silicones, soaps, solvent and abrasives, it easily removes the superficial marks that change the appearance of any vehicle.
    Apply the product with circular motions after the car has been cleaned, allow the wax to haze and then buff. The mirror-like result will be instantaneous, and the water beading will last for weeks.
  7. Schaum Car Soap:
    When you want to make a car soap that stands above the rest, you need to make a product that combines concentration, effectiveness, proper viscosity, that works with any type of water, and that is mild with the environment. That is what we have done with the SQ Schaum.
    A highly concentrated car soap that mixes anionic and non-ionic surfactants, ½ oz of Schaum per gallon of water is more than enough to clean the car. In other words, 1 gallon of SQ Schaum is enough to produce more than 250 gallons of ready to use soap.
    The rich long lasting foam that Schaum produces is a result of the strength of its surfactants, it clings to the car while it is loosening the dirt, and it helps the car detailer to spot where he has applied product and which areas are still missing.
    SQ Schaum is available in gallons, 5 gallon buckets, and 55 gallon drums.
  8. Tire Shine:
    A clean car with dirty tires looks as bad as a fancy suit with damaged shoes.
    Though it seems simple, many things can go wrong when using a tire shine: it can sling; it can streak; it may not cover the tire evenly. Neither one of those is a problem with the SQ Tire Shine.
    Sometimes we can overlook how simplicity is key. That’s not the case of the SQ Tire Shine. Our well-balanced formulation achieves great coverage and ideal shine, and on top, we add a mild fragrance to create a product that will always exceed expectations.
    This product will also work on rubber boats and will bring back to life faded plastic and rubber automobile parts dulled by the sun. SQ Tire Shine is available in gallons, 5 gallon buckets, and 55 gallon drums.
    SQ Tire Shine is extremely flammable. Do not ingest, prevent contact with skin or eyes.
  9. Wheel Cleaner:
    Ready-to-use, fantastic break dust and soot remover that provides a premium shine to aluminum and stainless steel.
    Our wheel cleaner is an acidic product that does not contain sulfuric or hidrofluoric acids. It comes in with a foam-sprayer which simplifies the application. As the foam collapses, so will the dirt.
    For the toughest spots a microfiber towel or brush may be needed to help remove the final specs.
    The SQ Wheel Cleaner does not stain the tire rubbers.
    A technical product, do not inhale or ingest, avoid contact with skin or eyes.
  10. Liquid Wiper:
    SQ Liquid Wiper is a concentrated water-repellant that redefines expectations for rain, sleet and snow displacers. Not only does it bead the water away from the windshield, but it also reduces glare further improving the quality of the drive.
    The duration of the effect will depend on how many storms are weathered and how many times the windshield is clean. But as everybody knows, Florida is as rainy as sunny; SQ Liquid Wiper is the water repellent you want to use when a storm hits.
    SQ Liquid Wiper is packed in bottles of 7 oz. Use only on a clean windshield. Apply to smooth, dry cloth and wipe on the exterior of the windshield with firm, circular, overlapping strokes. Allow product to dry and form a light haze. Wipe with a damp cloth, then dry.
  11. Lustrous:
    Simply put, the best interior cleaner and protectant you’ll find. Solvent free, with added UV protectant, and available in multiple fragrances (Lime, Cherry and Strawberry), the SQ Lustrous guarantees unparalleled long lasting shine, that won’t cause any type of damage to the treated surface. A spray-and-wipe product that will provide immediate results for a long time.
    Ideal for dashboards, bumpers, chromes, and metals, it is a fantastic cleaner that will effortlessly remove dust, dirt, and mold spots. Conveniently packed in 12 oz. bottles, it is supplied also in gallons and in 5 gallon buckets.
    Because of its composition, this product is extremely slippery, don’t use on floors.

Janitorial Products

  1. Floor Finish:
    Floor Finish, Standard Version, Ultra Low Odor, Wooden floor Finisher. The SQ Standard Floor Finish is ideal for practically every type of floor. It can be purchased as both a concentrate (at 36% solids) or a ready-to-use product (at 18% solids)
  2. Cleaners:
    Glass and Hard Surface Cleaners, High Traffic Carpet Cleaner and Floor Restorer. Products that clean any hard surface, providing a streak-free finish. Ideal for windows, mirrors, glass, crystals, appliances and many more.
  3. Leather Products:
    For every problem there’s a solution. The SQ Leather Conditioner is the solution for dry, cracking leather items that risk been discarded. Or the SQ Leather Protectant combines polymers, waxes and soaps in a blend that cleans any type of leather surface and leaves an invisible, non-sticky, non-slippery coating.
  4. Outstainding Removers:
    The most convenient solution to a recurrent problem. Products ideal for cleaning upholstery, carpets or curtains, the uses of this product have no boundaries.

Industrial Products

  1. 5 in 1 Multipurpose Oil:
    Available both as an aerosol or a drip-bottle! A mixed of highly refined paraffinic and naphthenic oils
  2. Aluminum Brightener and Surface Rust Remover:
    Shines metals, removes surface rust, and cleans oily floors. The SQ Aluminum Brightener and Surface Rust Remover is an acid cleaner that does it all.
  3. Concentrated Degreaser:
    We sell our degreaser as a concentrate; you just add the water you need for the intended purpose. It is amazing how many cleaning tasks you accomplish easily with this product.
  4. Mechanic’s Aid 17-6 Penetrant Oil:
    This highly penetrant oil works on nuts, bolts, corroded pipe threads, clams, locks, latches, frozen mechanisms, and much more. Ideal for industrial, automotive, marine, and agricultural operations.


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