Integral Packaging Solutions

Our expertise is based on extensive experience with many customers around the world, packing highly sensitive products to ensure control and integrity of the product with a wide range of dosing systems: powders, granules, liquids, tablets, pills, blister packs, surgical equipment, etc ...

Types of Packages

Every day there are more sectors that are investing in the flexible packaging, thanks to the great benefits that it brings against the limitations of traditional packaging:

Improvement ergonomics and marketing of the product

High accuracy in the filling

Maximum protection and preservation of the product

Easy opening and comfortable consumption

Printing quality

Design and exclusivity

Machinery Range

The packaging solutions supplied by EFFYTEC are suitable for any type of products: powders, granulated, tablets, liquids, pasty and solid.

Standard stainless steel execution.

Parallel sealing.

Low inertia cams.

High resistance and low maintenance.

Electric configuration in net.

Remote tele-assistance.

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