Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

I am having trouble with intermittent Wi-Fi connections when using the EBS-260.

With the latest firmware update 1.02.40, Wi-Fi connections are more stable. Contact the technical team for directions and firmware to upgrade to the latest version.

WHat steps to i need to take to set up the EBS-260 wi-fi connections and passwords?

It’s easy to set up Wi-Fi connections and passwords. Just follow the EBS-260 Wi-Fi connections and passwords directions. Download the PDF.

How Do I Clean the EBS-260 Nozzle Plate?

Download the recommended directions for cleaning the nozzle plate. Download the PDF.

What are the operation instructions for the Ebs-260 pigment-ink printer?

Download the guide for using pigment inks with the EBS-260. Download the PDF.

what are the cleaning maintenance procedures for the Handjet ebs-260

Acetone Based Ink – Black MEK or Black Acetone – Download the PDF.

Pigmented Acetone/MEK based Inks – White (A), Yellow (M), Light Blue (M) – Download the PDF.

Should ongoing maintenance be performed on ebs-250 hand-held printers?

Yes! Regular maintenance on your EBS-250 printers is important to keep printers operating smoothly. Download cleaning instructions and find out how to clean the nozzle faceplate, the recommended time for periodic ink purging as well as review a step-by-step guide to purging ink out of a printer. Download the PDF.

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