Cable I/O

The I/O cable plugs into the MB2 Controller which connects to the programmable logic control system. Cable sizes come depending on which marking head is purchased, however cable sizes can […]

Fixture Devices

As shown by this example of marking a tag: these devices help you mount a MarkinBOX marker steadily on your product, based on your marking needs.

Tool Post Bracket

This bracket holds MarkinBOX marker to stand mount. One end of the bracket connects to back of the Marking Head. The other end connects to back of Stand Mount.

Stand Mount/Tool Post

These adjustable stands allow you to set MarkinBOX marker at different heights to fit your products (fits MB3315S, MB 8020S, MB 1010).

File Selection Box

The MB2 Controller can hold up to 255 of your individual files for marking products. The File Selection Box allows you to choose any one of the files to mark […]

Range of Marking Pins

Shown in the picture is the pin for the MB8020S BSD and MB1010 BSD (Big Solenoid) and the standard pin for the MB3315S, MB8020S and MB1010. Also availiable are longer […]

Rotary Devices

The MarkinBOX rotary models eliminate the challenges of marking around the diameter of your parts. Compatible with our popular and MB3315S, MB8020S, MB1010 bench top pin markers, the MB-Rotary devices […]